“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me …”
 — Jack Kerouac, On the Road
(Published on September 7, 1957)


And she rattled off loops to travel

 . . . And she rattled off loops to travel,
 People, places and things to bind and stopped at the end looking smiley lost,
 And he turned away not asking then stopped. He turned and threw the people belt on the heap and looked into her eyes and said “and what about us?” she smiled forlorn, the way she had of doing so often. . : What . . .?

There was no answer. They reached out, their forefingers pointing and touched their fingertips then in a flash they lunged their separate ways as he thought what just hap . . .?  And that suddenly she was gone.


Charles Dickens: 5 Facts on the Author

Charles Dickens: 5 Facts on the Author:

 "A small boy, barely 12 years old, sits in a rat-infested London warehouse, endlessly, wrapping, tying, and pasting labels onto jars of black boot polish. He has walked five miles to get to work, and after 10 hours, will walk that many more to get back to his rented room. He sees his family only on Sundays, when he visits London’s Marshalsea prison, where his father has been jailed for debt.

 The child’s whole family except for one sister, in fact, now resides in the debtors prison. This childhood episode shadowed Charles Dickens’ life and colored his writing. Dickens went on to achieve unprecedented celebrity as the most popular novelist of his century, and his fictional tales about abused, neglected, parentless children still resonate with readers over 150 years after they were written."