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what i leaned from Lynda today

I learned that photography can be quite expensive as there are many equipment options available.

most important may be the lenses. it pays to buy a good lens.

to develop my shooting skills involves learning the basics aperture, exposure, and ISO then moving on to focusing on a topic, or project or type of photography.

I learned about the different photo-enhancing software and sharing applications.

I also learned that analog photography and darkroom techniques may be helpful ways to develop discipline.


“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me …”
 — Jack Kerouac, On the Road
(Published on September 7, 1957)


And she rattled off loops to travel

 . . . And she rattled off loops to travel,
 People, places and things to bind and stopped at the end looking smiley lost,
 And he turned away not asking then stopped. He turned and threw the people belt on the heap and looked into her eyes and said “and what about us?” she smiled forlorn, the way she had of doing so often. . : What . . .?

There was no answer. They reached out, their forefingers pointing and touched their fingertips then in a flash they lunged their separate ways as he thought what just hap . . .?  And that suddenly she was gone.