our teacher gave us two books

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FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2009
Q of the day
As a child,
what was your favorite book?
Have you reread that book since your childhood?

when we left kindergarten, on the last day of class,
after saying our goodbyes, our teacher gave us two books,
a Lassie book, and a Roy Rogers, Cowboy book.

these were largely picture books,
and we don't remember her giving any of the other children books.
so, we presume that there was something about us
that prompted her to give us these books.

whatever it was, these were the first books we remember owning,
and we KNOW that we reread the Roy Rogers book,
which had more prose and less pictures.
again when we were about twelve years old,
and in bed sick and unable to attend school.

we DO remember thinking at this point,
how much fun it was to read,
and how we wanted to read more books.


we don't remember the teacher's name,
we barely remember what she looked like,
but we've always remembered her giving us those books
back when we were five or six years old.

we're in our late fifties now. and . . . we LOVE to read.


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