Random Tuesday Thoughts

random thoughts by ~ansarwasif


prompted by
Random Tuesday Thoughts
at the Un Mom blog

okay, so how does this work?

my first Random Tuesday Thoughts.


i'm supposed to be working on something else
 but i'm doing this instead,
 and its not even Tuesday.

 wanna watch the first season of Allie McBeal . . .

 rather have some grilled chicken, but
since its already kinda late gonna
have to settle for cheerios

then theres L,
we have a party next week and she's gonna be there.

she's way too young for me,
not that i mind so much
its just that she has the IQ of a gnat
 and the maturity of a fifteen year old.

but boy! she'll never drown that's for sure, so okay
one more time, just one and i'll make it last.

and tomorrow i gotta touch base with the family,
early in the morning cause chores beckon.

o'course then i'll practice for my presentation,
and email the ladies who probably
 think that i'm not ready for monday and they'd be right.

so there, random enough?



lisaschaos said...

I wouldn't mind watching all of Ally again - I loved that show!

bARE-eYED sUN said...


we're going through Ally now,
it was a pretty good show, we're enjoying reliving it.