prompted by My Town Shoot-out: Aquariums

NYC - LES: Delancey St Subway StationImage by wallyg via Flickr

prompted by  My Town Shoot-out:
Member Voice - ChefE on Aquariums

Fish Mosaic at Delancey Street
 Subway Station, NYC, NY

we're not sure if what  follows qualifies as an aquarium,
 but its the best that we can muster up at such short notice. :-)

btw, the mosaics are popping up all over town,
all with different themes.

so why fish as a mosaic theme at Delancey?

our guess is that Delancey Street is not too far from the East River,
Chinatowns' Fish Stalls, or even a skip and a hop from the
old Fulton Fish Market.

in the early 20th century, we know that Delancey Street
had its own Fish Stalls (this was pre-Yuppification).

in a prior post, we told of swimming in the river as a child
and the feel of fish against our bodies as we swam.
 at the time we lived on Allen Street a couple of blocks away.

more recently, we associate the Delacey St/Essex St. station,
where these murals are located, as a transfer point for
Coney Island-bound trains. so there's a connection to
the Coney Island Aquarium.

aha! kinda forced but we DID it,
AQUARIUM.    :-)

{Fish Mosaic at Delancey Street by O'Dasor De, LAM}

hope that you enjoy this post,
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Sarah-Paige said...

That's a great post. What a wonderful way to brighten a commuter's/traveller's day. Those mosaics are amazing.

Chef E said...

I feel what you have captured is one of the most creative posts on my topic so far, you out did my silly post!

Welcome, hope to see you more!

btw, love the banner!

NanU said...


Jen said...

nicely done!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

thank you Sarah, ChefE, NanU and Jen.

you've all made our day a beeter one, we appreciate the compliments AND the visit.

hopefully, someday we can squeeze some of the other subway-mosaics into another theme.