Coffee and Reefer Lyrics by Ron Sunshine

Coffee and Reefer Lyrics by Ron Sunshine: "

Coffee and Reefer
by Ron Sunshine"

Chocolate cake makes my poor stomach ache
And all those pills are too much for me to take
I don’t like cocaine cause it makes me all uptight
But Coffee and Reefer makes me feel all right
Crystal meth will make you high, and it’s cheap
But I never liked going five days without sleep
Acid makes me say stupid things like “Outta Sight”
But Coffee and Reefer makes me feel all right

You know the Coffee takes you high, and reefer takes you low
The bean will make you fly, while the bud makes you slow
Shooting speedballs will make you sell your stereo
Who ever heard of going in hock, for a cup of Joe
You know that crank will land you right in the clank
Smoke that nasty crack and you’ll want to rob a bank
Forget the nicotine, ketamine, amphetamines
Try Coffee and Reefer for a real mellow scene

Don’t drive a car or answer the phone
Just try to spend a couple of hours alone
Don’t operate machinery when you’re smoking on that weed
The Cartoon Channel has everything you need
Ecstasy can cause a man to love a wall
Whiskey make you love a girl you’d never touch at all
Mescaline will turn you into a little pink eraser
So try a cappuccino with a mellow gage chaser

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