The Milk Bar: I Never Thought I Would...

The Milk Bar:
Saturday, June 9, 2012
I Never Thought I Would...

The Milk Bar is a wonderful blog that i visit now and then,
today it gave me pause and spurred me to comment
on things that i never thought would happen in my life:

 . . . be bald, long shoulder-length hair was the norm between the
ages of fifteen and fifty. (i'm sixty now and am used to being the old man in the room).

 . . . get used to being the old man in the room. i remember how i bristled the first time i was referred to as "sir" by a younger man. for the first half of my life the refrain was "don't trust anyone over thirty".

 . . . trust anyone over thirty. it seems that now-a-days i don't personally know anyone younger than thirty. so, i'm guessing that if i ever trust anyone again it would have to be someone older than thirty, and that includes trusting myself.

 . . . trust myself to do all the right things. i spent most of my youth being the bad boy, and most of the time since then learning how to be a man. now that i've almost got it, i'm nearing the end of my life, something that seemed so remote at one point, something i couldn't accept.

 . . . accept that my life will end, soon, rather than later. i'm in no rush mind you. its sort of like being on stand-by at an airport. it just is. and not such a bad thing after all.

thank you very much  The Milk Bar, for your post,  you gave me food for thought.



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