Dissent Magazine - Summer 2012 Issue - Borrowed Energy

Dissent Magazine - Summer 2012 Issue - Borrowed Energy: "Borrowed Energy
By Alex Gourevitch
The Reactionary Mind:
Conservatism From Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin
by Corey Robin
Oxford University Press, 2011, 304 pp.

Conservatism is idea driven. Its idée fixe is the defense of inequalities of wealth and power against challenges from below—that is the thesis of Corey Robin’s provocative new book, The Reactionary Mind. To some this might seem familiar, even obvious. But the common opinion on the Left is that conservatives are fire-breathing idiots, who make up in heat what they lack in light. Robin’s book is a welcome correction of this simplistic view and puts the debate where it ought to be: on the force and content of conservative ideas. "

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