Civil War Love Letters

Civil War Volunteers
Civil War Volunteers (Photo credit: Marion Doss)
Civil War Love Letters:

 ""My Precious Loulie...":
Love letters of the Civil War

When he wasn't marching, fighting, or setting up camp, the Civil War soldier might take a few moments to write to his loved ones at home. These letters often contain accounts of battles, life in camp, and general news. But many soldiers, as they marched off to face the enemy, had left behind a wife or sweetheart, and to them they would compose sweet, poignant, and occasionally funny letters that give life and personality to the participants in this great national conflict."

 These love letters from Civil War soldiers "show their sorrows of being apart,
fears that the soldier would not return home, and hopes for the future after the
war's end." In addition, "some of the letters are comical, as is the letter from
an unknown soldier to a woman who evidently answered his 'lonely-hearts'
advertisement." Includes images and transcriptions of this small collection of
letters. From the University Libraries of Virginia Tech.
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