Dr. Malcolm Long

Cover of "Watchmen"
Cover of Watchmen

The Watchmen, Chapter VI

 Alan Moore is described as meticulously
 detailed in his scripting, providing long
 notes for Dave Gibbons art work on The Watchmen;
things like angles, objects, color, lighting,
 and perspectives.

 not to take away from Gibbons work,
 i'm certain that there was more collaboration than is generally
 commented on.

part of the fun in reading Moore's work is
 keeping in mind that everything is there for a reason.
everything. each and every detail is accounted for: the page layout,
 the sequence of events, the costumes, the names . . . everything.

take the name of Kovac's psychiatrist, Dr. Malcolm Long.
 what's in a name? Moore loves puns, and word play.

 Malcolm Long is the antithesis of Malcolm Little aka Malcom X.
Malcolm X is the rehabilitated criminal set out to save Black America
from  a delusional, self-righteous, liberal and sick society,

Dr. Malcolm Long is the self-righteous, self-congratulatory,
 delusional, pudgy, Black middle-class liberal out to make a reputation
 by rehabilitating the sick  criminal mind thus save society.

 there's irony there to be found.

this is but one of the reasons that  i come back
and read The Watchmen time and again.

i can make as much out of the story as i wish,
 and the's no end to the material.


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