Walking Dead Vol.1

yes, i do, i love Walking Dead Vol.1. 

i confess, i love zombies anyway, whether camp or horrific and anywhere in between, so i'm biased in the extreme.

here is a world not unlike our own but where the social support and control machinery has collapsed. we drop in a law and order sheriff who has no idea what has happened. mix in corpses come to life with an appetite for living flesh. and, yeah i guess the mood is somewhat disordered, confusing, rambling and disjointed.

Kirkman has done a superb job. he shows rather than tells.

this is the character-driven story of survivors (aka The Walking Dead of the title) in a world where civilization is a quickly receding memory and the monsters within are often more dangerous than the hungry corpses which threaten to overtake them. but again, my enthusiasm begins with the trope and ascends from there. 

give the subsequent volumes a try, you may find yourself rooting for the zombies. 
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