well, we're running a bit late on the Thematic Photographic 47 - Musical  

but we're hoping to add this tidbit just under the wire. :-)

these shots are of a Busker who plays regularly, weather permitting, on the corner of Broadway right next to City Hall, in New york City. he accepts donations and has CDs of his music for sale.

his music, as we can see, is played on an Antara  , or Andean Pan Flute    which originates from Peru. The antara is also known as a Siku, Panflute, or Panpipe. Siku is a term used so much in Quechuan as in Aymara used by the peoples of the Plateau of the Collao (P.e. Qcollas and Huancanés).

we've not spoken to the gentleman but he certainly displays Amerind features. 

Buskers are popular in NY especially in the warmer months; there are a few Pan Flute players all around sometimes playing in groups of three or more. 

during the colder months they play underground in the subway stations where the acoustics transport the listener to the Andes where the sounds of the Siku echo among the snow-capped mountains and verdant valleys.

thanks for stopping by. :-)

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