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{EARTH by O'Dasor De, LAM}

The premise is flawed. Earth's environment does not "suffer" because of Human interaction with it. "Suffering" requires cognizance. What does suffer is the Earth’s capacity to sustain life as we know it. Life, however, is highly adaptable and Nature abhors a void.

It is likely that Life (in general) will adapt and survive on Earth, with or without, human intervention.

Mankind, however, if it is to survive must take action to curtail damage to the environment which WE require to survive.

Ironically, while the Earth may be indifferent to human existence, Humanity would be better off if humans (as we know them) had never appeared. . . . heh, heh. ;-)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Today's Writing Prompt: Earth
The environment suffers due to humanity's actions. Would Earth be better off had humans never appeared?


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