My Dearest Nelly

August 18/92
Sun Hotel

My Dearest Nelly,

I received your kind and welcome letter this morning and was very pleased to hear from you Dear Nelly I don’t know what to think about that letter you got but I can make a good guess who sent it I left your address on the table and the marker got it and he must have shown one of the girls that I suspect but I shall know for a sertin before I say anything about it and when I get to know there will be a row…

An agreement made the 30th day of Aug 1893 Between Eleanor Thistlethwaite of Ulverston in the County of Lancaster Domestic Servant of the one part and John Farrell of 3 Bridges Pennington in the same county miner of the other part Whereas the said Eleanor Thistlethwaite was delivered of a male child on the 18th of May 1893… And whereas the said John Farrell admits that he is the father of such a child and is desirous of entering into the following agreement…
Cumbria County Council Archives

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